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All the fancy stuff will come later. This community exists for all those who wish to write a figure from the 70's punk scene in England. Anyone you can think of is allowed, so long as they were a name from that era (as opposed to, say, a random fan). From Iggy Pop to Vivienne Westwood to anyone your little heart so desires.

We do have some rules, however.

o1. Please have a separate journal for each person.
o2. Get aim. Writing can be done over it. It can be done through posts in the community as well.
o3. Type and write properly. I know you can do it!
o4. Respect your fellow members.
o5. Not really a rule, but I generally refer to them as muses. This is what I will use; you call them whatever you'd like to.

To apply, simply post this filled out form in the community: